Remember Panoramic Eggs? I do!

I was strolling through Dulce Candy Boutique with my brood when all of a sudden I encountered a blast from Easter past: Panoramic Easter Eggs.

I remembered receiving these confections as a child, and enduring the bitter-sweet torture of not being allowed to bite into the sugar shell. So, I would stealthily whittle a chunk of sugar from the back, or simply lick the egg all over just to get a taste of the sugar. Fond memories!

So when I saw these eggs, I was so excited, I bought one for each of the kids and one for myself - just kidding! The point is timeless Easter candy does exist.

Co-owner, Melissa Tripoli, says the retro eggs have been very popular this year, and another big seller are the Barley pops, and foil carrots (pictured below).

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