Disconnected, Reconnected: The Death of an iPhone

Disconnected, Reconnected: The Death of an iPhone

I plugged in my iPhone in for a routine overnight charge when it began to reject its cord. "Bleep bleep," the display flashed, "bleep bleep." I removed the white lifeline, and plugged it back in. "Bleep bleep," it repeated – flash – "bleep bleep." Puzzlement.

The phone displayed twenty percent remaining battery life. I raced against time to get a charge into the fading phone – swapping cords, changing power sources, even trying the magical two-button-reboot. No luck; Siri died a slow death; fifteen percent, ten, five, zero, and the display went black.

A food blogger needs her phone. More than a medium of communication, my iPhone served dutifully as a camera, a radio, a social media check-in device (I’ve lost two mayorships since I’ve been without my phone). It’s a log of where I’ve been, what I’ve eaten, and offers insulation in awkward social settings and a diversion in boring ones. It wasn’t just a phone, it was an extension of my palm, a part of me. I dressed it in a purple Speck case, that had a slot for my drivers license, a credit card, and bit of cash. It was all I needed to move efficiently about society.

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Tuesday Boozeday: Hard Cider Sangria

I love summer, but I love fall too. I think the change of seasons will keep us here, in the Northeast, forever. The farmers' market is abundant with fall fruits and vegetables which inspired this meal.  

It's apple season and this recipe for Hard Cider Sangria got me inspired. It's by Grace Parisi of Food and Wine, from the  October 2012 issue.

I followed Grace's recipe to the letter but, at the end, spiked the drink with some Cointreau and Calvados to intensify the flavor.   The hard cider I used is from Warwick Valley Winery in nearby Warwick NY.

Read about the Chardonnay-Braised Chicken Thighs with Parsnip on  that accompanied the Hard Sangria on Mano A Vino!


Grandma's Recipe Box: Bavarian Apple Cheesecake

It's still apple season, so let's keep the apple recipes going!  Grandma's recipe box is filled with various apple recipes. So since it's the season, let's keep it going. 

Click here for Grandma's recipe of golden baked apple slices, with cinnamon and sugar atop a cheesecake!



Grandma's Recipe Box: German Apple Cake

It's apple picking season! Apple pies are great, but why not bake an apple cake?

Here's Grandma's recipe for German Apple Cake!