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Melody Kettle currently resides in Montclair, New Jersey with her husband and two children.  She grew up in Bergen county, and spent most of her time beside her  grandmother in the kitchen, where she developed a love for cooking,  food, and entertaining. 

After receiving a B.A. in English from Rutgers  University, Melody attended Rutgers Law School where she earned a Juris  Doctorate. In 2010 Melody began blogging and “vlogging” (video  blogging) for hyper-local news site, Baristanet, and later for Patch.  In March of 2011, she launched Hot From The Kettle®, One  Steamy Wine & Food Destination. 

By 2014, Hot From The Kettle established itself as a premier on-line source for restaurant news and reviews  in New Jersey.  Hot From The Kettle also publishes content such as culinary demonstrations, recipes, and methods that have  attracted national and international interest.


Hot From The Kettle has been inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame, and Hot From The Kettle videos are featured on Melody Kettle heads up the North Jersey dining section of Off The Broiler.  She is member of the prestigious Chaine des Rotisseurs, and holds the office of Charge de Presse Nationale. She has also appeared on Emeril's Table on the Hallmark Channel. Melody had judged statewide competitions, including the Iron Shaker, and has served as a panelist on food related seminars. 

Melody Kettle is the founder and executive director of the non-profit Montclair Food & Wine Festival, and a  contributor to New Jersey Monthly magazine.  


"A First Fest for Local Tastes" 


"Melody Kettle: Lawyer, Mom, Foodie, Blogger, Impresario"


Montclair Food & Wine Festival Charts Its Maiden Voyage

Hot From the Kettle is the Montclair-based on-line source that takes you behind the scenes at NJ’s finest restaurants and casual eateries.  Whether its American, Italian, Moroccan, Ethiopian, Indian, or Jamaican fare, Hot From The Kettle tastes it all!

From dairies to bakeries, breweries to bars, pork plants to butcher shops, farms to tables, and wine shops to wine cellars, Hot From The Kettle® goes deeper to satisfy NJ’s culinary curiosities! Owner, Melody Kettle, travels New Jersey and engages Top Chefs, Chopped Chefs, Iron Chefs, and the finest, most unique home cooks in candid, informative conversation, while learning and cooking along side them.

Just the Facts

+        Hot From The Kettle receives approximately 28,000 views per month.

+        Daily page views have quadrupled since April 2011.

+        Unique viewership has more than quadrupled with the last eight months.

+        Hot From The Kettle is based in Montclair, and covers northern New Jersey.

+        Hot From The Kettle is dedicated to publishing New Jersey restaurant news and recipes, videos, and information for food enthusiasts.

+        Melody Kettle is a member of Chaine des Rotisseurs, Charge de Presse, and founder of the non-profit Montclair Food & Wine Festival.

+        Hot From The Kettle is a featured on and heads up NJ Dining at Off The Broiler.

+        Hot From The Kettle is an inductee of the Culinary Hall of Fame.