Vite! French Food Fast at Epernay Cafe in Montclair

Epernay, the traditional French bistro located at 6 Park Street, has added a new feature to their restaurant. (No, it's not another rooster mural.) It's Vite: French Food Fast.

In French, Vite means quickly. Epernay Cafe, is essentially take out window that offers casual French fare, street food, and family style meals-to-go.

The menu offers selections like sweet crepes($4 - $7) and savory crepes ($7 - $8.50), in addition to soups($4-$8.50), salads ($6 - $8.50), sandwiches ($7 - $9.50), and Smash Breads.  What's a Smash Bread?

According to the website:

Our fresh baked French baguette dough smashed flat and topped with a variety of selections. All Sandwiches, Specials and crepes are available on our signiature SMASHBREAD.

Specials at Vite include Steak Frites (Hanger, $11), Short Ribs ($14), Escargot & Pate ($12), Duck Confit ($13), French Pot Pie ($11), and Beef Bourguignon /Coq au Vin ($11). 

Vite is open 7 days a week, 9 am - 10 pm.