Coal Oven Pizza is Coming to Town!

With the new year comes a new pizzeria! It appears that Mancinni’s Coal Oven Pizza is getting ready to unleash their unique brand of coal fired pizza upon Montclair.
Mancinni’s (with two n’s) has set up shop at 438 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair,  right next to the vacant, former site of Cafe Eclectic (could someone please call Mr. Lindy?).  

I peeked in the windows at the railroad space, and the opening appears imminent.  The decor is undoubtedly vintage; a black and white tiled floor and copper ceiling, cove molding, and restoration pendant lights, along with wooden tables, a wooden bench for seating. The only thing they appear to be missing are the chairs - I’m sure they’ll arrive soon.

A very substantial looking espresso machine is behind the counter. The focal point of the eatery- the oven - is strategically located at the rear center of the room.

What is Coal Oven Pizza? It’s pizza that’s cooked in an oven heated by coal rather than wood.  Some pizza enthusiasts believe that coal gives a crisp crust not typical of pizza cooked in a traditional or even a wood-fired oven.  A difference in texture is expected; a coal oven can reach temps of 900+ degrees, which means the pie cooks in approximately three minutes.  

As with any pizza, a lot depends on the talent of the pizzaiolo and the quality of the ingredients.  But this all remains to be tasted in 2012. When the day arrives, Hot From The Kettle will be there to bring you inside Mancinni’s to learn more about coal burning and coal oven pizza.

'Till then, there’s plenty of other places in our fine foodie town to eat.  If you’ve got a post holiday hankering for Cuban food, Plato Cubano, at 150 Valley Rd., Montclair, is planning their grand opening for Monday, January 2.  Why not pick up a couple of pounds?