How To Make Butter

There ain't nothing like the real thing - and there ain't nothing like real butter!

If you've ever experienced it, you that it's true;  fresh, homemade butter smacks of a richness of flavor and texture that lingers on the lips.

This past Sunday I spent the morning with Allin Tallmadge, owner of Tallmadge Cheese Market in Upper Montclair Plaza, who taught me how to make butter.  Believe it or not, making butter is so easy even kids can do it - and they did! 

Watch the video to to learn how to be a churn. 


Following my visit with Allin, I was so enthused about butter making, that I began my own cultured butter project. 

Want to try it? Here's how it's done:

Purchase two pints of heavy cream, pasteurized (not ultra-pasteurized) and non-homogenized, and a small container of firm yogurt (Greek) containing live and active cultures. 

Pour the cream into a large glass jar and add a heaping tablespoon of yogurt to the cream.  Leave the jar open overnight.  

The following day, pour the cream, and all those little chunky bits that formed, into a KitenAid stand mixer or whatever device you would use to whip cream.  If using a KitchenAid, begin beating the cream on slow speed using the paddle attachment.  The cream will become whipped cream, and soon after, the buttermilk will begin to separate from the butter. 

Drain the buttermilk into a container and resume mixing until all of the buttermilk is drained from the butter.  This is important because any excess buttermilk will cause the butter to become rancid more quickly.  

Then, rinse the butter ball with ice water to remove any residue of buttermilk.  At this point adding salt is optional and can be incorporated to your tasting. 

That's it!  Enjoy!