The Total Package: Maritime Parc, Jersey City

I like superlatives; the freshest produce, the creamiest burrata, the frothiest cappuccino, the best restaurants!  Maritime Parc, the yacht-like  gem nestled in Liberty State Park, is absolutely fit for superlatives – the problem is picking just one!

On a recent cold, clear night, Mr. Hot and I ventured to Jersey City to join a few friends at a press dinner at Chef and owner, Chris SiversenMaritime Parc.  In a steely, open kitchen, perched above Liberty Landing Marina, Manhattan's pulse rippled across the Hudson, as chef and owner, Chris Siversen, created an evening of undeniable cuisine.

Over cocktails, we compulsively picked at a refreshing, colorful plate of pickled pearl onions, zucchini and feta.  Balthazar bread, always pleasing to any carboholic, was served alongside sea salt and sweet cream butter. 

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