Avenue Le Club: St. Tropez-in-NJ

Avenue Le Club: St. Tropez-in-NJ


John Johnson is out of this world!  Well, he's really from Neptune, NJ -- but his cuisine is out of this world. 

Chef Johnson took over the post as executive chef at Avenue Le Club in January.  His dishes are as beautiful as the expansive dining room. Billed as "San Tropez-in-NJ," a wall of windows looks out on the Atlantic, while, inside, white banquets, warm lighting, a fireplace, and perfect service create a seductive contemporary dining experience.  

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Road Trip: Cleveland Dining

Road Trip:  Cleveland Dining

I knew Cleveland rocked,  after all,  the reason for the four hundred mile road trip was to visit the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.  But the three day junket to Ohio not only revealed  Elvis' Lincoln and Keith Richards' bomber jacket,  but a vibrant, trendy gastronomy that left my lapping tongue quite satisfied. 

Cleveland has great walking, a cool breeze, museums, monuments, architecture, of course, awesome beer. Cleveland is home to the Great Lakes Brewery and the locals seem pretty proud of their product.   Upon check-in, I grabbed a Dortmunder Gold from the lobby refrigerator and was only too happy to drink it down once we got to our room.  It proved to be our favorite beer of the trip.  

For a food enthusiast, the thrill of the hunt - discovering a great place to eat or drink in an unfamiliar city - is  exhilarating, rewarding, and arguably, a great way to become acquainted with the culture and people of an area.

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Where to Eat in Montclair Post-Sandy


No power? No problem! Here's a quick list of local restaurants who will be open for dinner service tonight:

554 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair
556 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair
173 Glenridge Ave., Montclair
183 Glenridge Ave., Montclair
True North Osteria (abbreviated menu)
345 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair
Toast (breakfast, lunch)
700 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair
108 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair
215 Bellevue Ave., Montclair
412 Bloomfield Ave., Bloomfield
7 Park St., Montclair
608 Valley Rd., Montclair
608 Valley Rd., Montclair
We will continue to update as information comes in.   
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New Jersey Lunch: The Best of Montclair Restaurants

When the mid-day growl starts rolling, I consider the options:  a sandwich? A salad? A yogurt? A bowl of Kashi? A whole salami? A wedge of cheese? Really? A triple grande skim latte? I think, not.

The Hot From The Kettle weekly “Lunch Hot Spot" will examine the best lunches offered in our fine, ever improving hamlet: my beloved, Montclair.

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