Happy New Year ~ A Look At The Best and Rest Of A Great Year

Jonathan's Balloons

Team Hot From the Kettle recently got together to talk about the best of 2012. So many ideas were exchanged, so many opinions were strong, but most surprisingly were the number of times each of us paused and realized we had forgotten something truly great from the past year.

Sure, there were the usual Coke vs. Pepsi and Ovaltine vs. Nesquik debates, but in the grocery aisle everyone agreed that Nutella wins hands down. At one point “Gangam Style vs. Call Me Maybe, which is more Pepto inducing” discussion started until we all agreed that we had to focus our attention back on the matters at hand.

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Toni’s Kitchen’s First Berry Bake Off Took A Bite Out Of Hunger

This past weekend the gloves were off, the tension was high, and the berries were abundant in the Berry Bake-Off supporting the work of Toni’s Kitchen, a soup kitchen on South Fullerton in Montclair.
Held in the Assembly Hall of St Luke’s Episcopal Church, the event was open to all members of the community. Based on unofficial tallies participation by non-parishioners outnumbers members of the church by a 2 to 1 margin. This was a genuine community event with members of the community entering their treats, members of the local bakery community judging, all to benefit members of the community whose days have not been so easy.
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Market Closing! The Honest Dog Opens This Friday!

The Bad News: The organic, picket fenced restaurant, Market, located 12 Church Street, in Montclair, is closing!

 The Good News: This Friday, May 13th, a new restaurant, The Honest Dog, will be opening in the same space.

 Sadly, especially for a foodie, Market's departure marks another closing of a local restaurant affected by the current economic climate.  According to the owner of the now defunct Market, Joshua Cedarbaum,“unfortunately we are closing Market. We had a great two years, but we just don't have enough business.”

 If you don’t have dinner plans for this Friday, why not give The Honest Dog a try? The eatery will be offering very affordable (more good news) comfort food served in a casual atmosphere. 

 Are you surprised Market closed? What are your expectations of The Honest Dog? Do you think they'll serve Hot Dogs?

 As more information becomes available, we'll be sure to post.


The Royal Wedding Celebration at Halcyon

There's a party going on at Halcyon.  Check out these festive party goers! Visit the gallery for more pics!


Hot From The Kettle: Chinese Pork Dumplings

As part of my ongoing (and seemingly endless) Cooks of Summit Avenue Investigation, I visited the home of Christina O’Neill. Christina lives two doors down from the gastro-mechanic, Lou Palma and about five doors from Alison Bermack.

Christina and I spent the morning making delicious pork filled Chinese Dumplings. Soon after my visit, I took on the dumpling project. As Christina suggested, I was able to purchase a package of dumpling wrappers at East West Asian Market, 67 Belleville Avenue, Bloomfield, for less than $2! Though the crimping technique Christina demonstrates with such ease came a little slow to me, I succeeded in making about two dozen dumplings and tucked them away in the freezer.

Want to see how Cristina crimps the perfect pork filled dumpling? Watch the video below:

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