Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Stomps into Newark

A dinosaur rides into Newark on a Harley .... It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but it's actually the beginning of a beautiful relationship!  John Stage, renown pit master and founder of Dinosaur BBQ has stomped into Newark and brought his competition class Bar-B-Que with him. 
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The Perfect Summertime Cupcakes from Carousel

Barbeque season means burgers, ribs, and hotdogs galore! But a proper BBQ is not complete without a delicious and easy dessert! Cupcakes by Carousel has all your summer sweet tooth covered. 

Cupcakes by Carousel offers a plethora of fabulously flavored cupcake creations.  But a few of them absolutely scream summer.  My choices for summer are the S'more Cupcake, the Key Lime Cupcake and the Banana Split Cupcake!

The decadent S'more cupcake features vanilla cake filled with a wonderful fluffy butter cream, that's dipped in chocolate ganache, and topped with a heap of marshmallow fluff and graham crackers.  As if that wasn't enough, the cupcake is  then drizzled with chocolate sauce.

The Key Lime Cupcake is an option on the other end of the flavor spectrum. This tangy cupcake features vanilla cake, infused with freshly made key lime pie filling, topped with key lime flavored butter cream & sprinkled with candied lime zest.

And what's summer without ice cream? For the Banana Split Cupcake, Cupcakes by Carousel has transformed the classic ice cream sundae, into a festive cupcake full of the familiar flavors generations have enjoyed.  The cupcake features vanilla cake filled with tasty strawberry banana custard, topped with vanilla butter cream, chocolate syrup & rainbow sprinkles.






Restaurant Review: SuzyQue's BBQ & Bar in West Orange, NJ

Susan Hoffberg, namesake and chief executive honcho of SuzyQues, draws on the flavors and techniques of Texas, Midwest, and Carolina barbeque, then follows the three rules of barbeque (low, slow, and smoke) to create dishes that put West Orange NJ on any national BBQ tour map.

 A recent afternoon visit resulted in big flavors, big portions, and big doggie bags. Don’t tell the doggie, the leftovers were for me. But let’s rewind to beginning : SuzyQue’s is located in the former Charlie

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Grilling: Wet & Dry

There are certain smells that are synonymous with summer.  For me, tanning lotion, chlorine, hot ashphault, and cut grass conjure memories of 90+ degree days. But the ultimate olfactory summer scent that sends my receptors swooning is barbeque.

There are few activities I enjoy more than sipping a warm weather libation, or a good, big Zin, and grilling some hunky summer cuts of meat, some fresh fish from the Farmers’ Market, or a few vegetables.

I reached out to my favorite epicurean consigliere, Lou Palma, for a great barbeque sauce.  Lou, an asian food enthusiast, shared his recipe for a versatile Korean barbeque sauce. Give it a try: 

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