Blue J. Syrups: Drink Recipes and A Beer Cocktail

Jackie Park-Albaum and Jason Albaum

Jackie Park-Albaum and Jason Albaum

When you think flavored syrups, Torani likely comes to mind; multi-colored bottles, offering a rainbow of cloyingly sweet flavors, lined up behind coffee bars everywhere.  Much the opposite of Torani is Bloomfield-based, Blue J. Syrups, a small batch, artisanal flavored syrup company.  

Owned and operated by husband and wife team, Jason Albaum and Jackie Park-Albaum, Blue J launched their business about two months ago.  A wine industry professional, Jason understands the gentle interplay and nuance of flavors.  As such, his wheels are always turning while he experiments with new  combinations and seasonal ingredients.  

With flavors like Lavender Earl Grey, Spiced Pear, and my favorite, Lime & Sage, Blue J tastes as fresh and fabulous in a cocktails and beer as it does atop snow cones (and even pancakes, I hear).  Blue J is making rapid in roads into the mixology market. You could purchase Blue J syrups locally in Montclair at Amanti Vino.  

After you pick up a bottle of Blue J, here are few cocktail recipes from Jason that you might want to try:  

The Grey Lady

2 oz Grey Goose

1/2 oz BlueJ Lavender Earl Grey

1/4 oz Lemon Juice

- served in martini glass

- garnish with lemon twist/ lavender petals

* prep*

In shaker combine Vodka and Earl Grey Lavender Syrup over ice. Stir for a count of 30. Strain into chilled Martini Glass. Add Lemon juice and garnish. Drink up and enjoy.

Spiced Shandy

2 oz BlueJ Syrups Spiced Pear

2 oz Lemonade

Beer ( Saison or Wheat)


Combine lemonade and BlueJ Spiced Pear in shaker over ice. Stir for 30 count. Fill rest of the way with a good summer brew. Empty into Pint Glass. Garnish with fruit. Drink. Enjoy!


 Lime & Sage Mojito

 fresh mint

1 oz BlueJ Lime & Sage 

3 oz Silver Rum

Seltzer/ Club Soda

- serve in Highball or Collins Glass

- garnish with lime twist and mint leaves


Muddle fresh mint leaves in dash of BlueJ Syrups Lime & Sate syrup in glass. Top with ice. In ice filled shaker add 1 oz Lime & Sage Syrup and Rum. Shake vigorously for 30 count. Strain into glass. Top with splash of seltzer or club soda. Garnish. Drink. Enjoy