Downton Abbey Premieres Sunday ~ But What To Serve As Snacks?

Given the anticipation for this Sunday's series premier of the third season of Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Classic it's a given that most of our readers will be dining formally in the early evening. We'll leave the dinner planning up to you, but television, like the cinema, requires snacks.

Our suggestions for the Downton Abbey snack menu :

Cucumber Sandwiches. A must! Thinly sliced cucumber, perhaps some with super thin radish, some watercress, or just some finely chopped dill.

Gentlemen's Quarters : Simple ham sandwiches onto which the bottom slice of bead is spread with hot english mustard and the top is spread with apricot preserves. The contrast of heat and sweet is brilliant! No English mustard? How about those packets from the Chinese Take-Away?

 Curry! (okay, it's not a period dish at all, but Tikka Masala is the national dish of the UK) Play with the concept and dash some curry or garam masala over buttered popcorn.

But those of us in the know will be ringing Baker's Dozen on Valley Road to get some of these masterful Downton Abbey Themed Cookies for Sunday Night's Series Premier. Baker's Dozen is located at 206 Bellevue Ave, Upper Montclair, near Banyon Tree. Phone : 973-746-2253 (that's 746-BAKE!) Baker's Dozen is open 7:30 am to 4 pm.

They're closed Sunday and these cookies are selling fast so ring them before they all go. Better yet, have Carson send one of the footmen to gather some for your party. These cookie are not made with Mrs Patmore's recipe, but we're confident the Dowager would approve. "Cookie, what's a cookie, these are biscuits, why does every meal involve an argument with an American."