Knowles Family Secures Long-Term Lease of Essex County's Highlawn Pavilion

by Melody Kettle

This afternoon, the Knowles Family, who have operated the Highlawn Pavilion at Eagle Rock Reservation since 1984, held a celebratory lease signing and press conference with Essex County Executive, Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr., and James Paganelli, Executive Director of the Essex County Improvement Authority, at Highlawn Pavilion.

In March 2012, a "business opportunity" ad appeared in the Star-Ledger and caused much speculation regarding what will become of Highlawn Pavilion when the Knowles' 30 year lease expires.

Kurt Knowles, Jr., Harry Knowles, Kurt Knowles

When we followed up with Kurt Knowles, Jr., this past July, he was optimistic about the Knowles' relationship with Essex County, and reflected with pride about personal and financial investment, his family has made to restore and preserve the Casino.

The terms of today's agreement allow the Knowles to continue to operate Highlawn Pavilion for an extended period of twenty years, with two five year options.

Hot From The Kettle couldn't be happier for the Knowles Family, and wish them another 30 years of continued hospitality and fine cuisine!