Jersey Shore Relief on the Thai Elephant Food Truck in Montclair

Elefans Know Where To Get The Best Thai In Montclair

The Thai Elephant Food Truck, often seen at lunchtime at Montclair High School, and evenings at either the Walnut Street Train Station, or, in front of Olive That and More, played an important role in Sandy Relief starting while the power was still out. But, they are continuing their good work, and will reward their customers for being a part of this effort.

Right after the storm the truck made its way to Jersey City and, casting aside its usual menu, served up free coffee and hot cocoa to residents who were without power. At times the glow of the Thai Elepant truck was the only light in a neighborhood. (They even became a mobile charging station for phones.)

Shortly thereafter, the team on the truck started making runs to the shore areas that were most gravely affected by the storm briging and serving donated food. While most of us have gotten our lives back in order here in the suburbs, the folks on the Aroy-D truck know just how bad things are for people in the affected areas, and they continue to make runs to the shore feedin

. @Aroy_D spotted outside @Olive_That recently

g people, and at times lending a hand in the rebuilding and recovery efforts.

Between shore runs, the truck plied the streets of Montclair offering their usual menu of great Thai food. I've known about the shore runs and have sought out the truck to support their business as they do so much to support

new friends they are just meeting for the first time. I'd love to say get the drunken noodles, but then I'd forget the Pad Thai, and if I mentioned the Masaman Curry I might forget the Tom Kha soup. They are all brilliant, and picking out a favorite is challenging, so go several times, try everything, and leave a comment below about what you loved most.

On January 27th, the Elephant will be goi

ng back down the shore to provide food AND needed supplies to the workers rebuilding the shore. Until that time, Elefans (fans of the Thai Elephant) can bring supplies to the truck any day and get $2 off your order in exchange for your much needed donation.

 Where will the truck be today? Follow them on twitter to find out or call at  (201) 474-5432 to find out and place an order for pick up.