Who is The Devil Gourmet?

by Melody Kettle

Please allow me to introduce the Devil Gourmet. From what I hear, he's a man of wealth and taste.

Devil Gourmet, Inc., a new and growing internet restaurant promotional company, announced the launch of its website DevilGourmet.com.  The site will allow users to search, read and review all of the local eats New Jersey has to offer. The Devil Gourmet, New Jersey’s own mystery restaurant  diner, will journey through New Jersey’s unique and varied cuisine and be documented for your consumption through videos (DevilGourmetTV on YouTube) of local eateries and on his personal blog space, appropriately titled the Devil’s Corner. 

“The New Jersey Devil, in folklore, used to be blamed for misfortune and tragedy in the New Jersey Pinelands” said Devil Gourmet President Kevin W. Anderson.  “It occurred to me one day that we should offer the Devil a way to improve his image and redeem himself as the Devil Gourmet, where he could provide current details of New Jersey’s culinary landscape for New Jersey residents to consume through DevilGourmet.com.” 

Devil Gourmet’s mission is to work with local restaurants in New Jersey to help promote their businesses online through DevilGourmet.com, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, where the Devil Gourmet’s journey will be documented for users to devour.  “Our goal is to be a fun and unique place for all New Jersey residents and visitors to the Garden State to go online to find up-to-date information on New Jersey’s best restaurants and to find their next culinary indulgence using our search platform” says Anderson.

So if you meet him, have some courtesy, have some sympathy, have some taste! Stay tuned to Hot From The Kettle for exclusive Devil Gourmet reviews and blogs.