3D Pig Face Shirt Finds Me

by Melody Kettle

Last night, I should have been editing video and writing articles, instead I was goofing-off on Facebook. 

I shared a glorious cured pork photo from Agriturismo Tenuta Montelaura's FaceBook page, then a sidebar ad displayed an attention grabbing T-shirt featuring what appeared to be a 3D pig face.

The unabashed porkophile I am, I had to track it down. After a bit of "googling" I landed at Amazon, where I found "The Mountain Men's Pig Face T-shirt," priced from $16.68 - $22.96.  Further research took me to The Mountain T-Shirt website where the shirts are available for $20, plus $5 shipping (calculated with my zip code).

Further description of the shirt read:

Hand dyed shirt featuring a screen print graphic of a pig face on a preshrunk, 100 percent cotton shirt dyed and printed by the mountain which uses only environmentally friendly inks and dyes to bring you a durable and comfortable t-shirt though Amazon.

It is specified that this is a men's shirt.  Will the 3D effect be distorted when worn by a woman? I'll be sure to post pics when my shirt arrives.