Recipe: Ghirardelli Blood Orange Chocolate Supreme Brownies

There are times in our lives where even hard core foodies must succumb to the simplicity and convenience of packaged brownie mix. Anyone who says its never happened to them is either lying, is Martha Stewart, or has a house full of servants. (yes, that was a subliminal Downton Abbey reference.) But what if you could "cheat" with a box mix yet make the result uniquely your own?

With Olive That an d More on Bellevue being my latest foodie obsession I started to play with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar and came up with some interesting dishes that take both ingredients outside the usual salad. Then a lightbulb went off, it was one of those squiggly bulbs so the idea was a bit twisted at first : why not use olive oil in a boxed mix? Using Olive That's Blood Orange Olive Oil instead of the canola oil listed on the instructions on the box created a treat that was, well, a treat. Chocolate and Orange go together perfectly.

Olive oil works brilliantly well in baked goods, and since its so much healthier than all other oils, and chocolate is heart healthy, I'm pretty sure it was a health food! But seriously, it was a simple switch with results were good enough to pass off as homemade. The brownies were scarfed so quickly that I had to fuse brownie parts together in a biscuit mold to have something worthy of a photograph!  




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