Cupcakes by Carousel and Phil Cantor Photo Session

by Melody Kettle

Last month I entered a contest at Cupcakes by Carousel on Church Street in Montclair.  The specs of the contest went like this: Each month, Cupcakes by Carousel will draw three names from the entries.  The three winners will receive a photo session for their child/children at Phil Cantor Photography on Lackawana Plaza. After the portraits are complete, they will be displayed on the wall at Cupcakes by Carousel for the following month.  After the month is over, (here's the real bonus) you have the opportunity to purchase the display portrait at a 54% discount (Why 54%? I have no idea).

A couple of weeks ago, we Kettle's were vacationing in Vermont (which I love - - but that's another post).  I received an email from Phil Cantor informing me that I was one of three lucky winners. Hmmm, I thought.  My kids could be total hams at times, (not sure where they get it from), but other times, like any kids, they could be a bit shy - but we went for it.

At the designated time, we arrived at Phil's beautiful studio.  It didn't take long before the kids realized that Phil was a "cool guy."  Soon they were comfortable, and everyone's personality came through.  The kids responded to Phil's gentle direction, and as a parent, I got the sense that Phil truly enjoys his craft. The shoot was an absolute blast!

Before the shoot, Phil suggested that there be "no print or patterns" on their clothing, so I picked up a cute yellow sundress for my daughter at Lelli, Meile and Beau in Watchung Plaza.

In addition to the photo session - and copious "Mommy pride" - we received a gift-size portrait of the display, and a 50% coupon for a future portrait of the family.  We also received a voucher for a dozen fabulous cupcakes, from Carousel.

Next time you find yourself on Church St., make sure to stop into Cupcakes by Carousel, drop your name in the drawing box, and grab a cup of coffee, a cupcake, or both!