Hollywood Lemonade Proves That Business Is Oh So Sweet

by Melody Kettle

Sunday was lemonade day in Montclair NJ with scores of refreshment stands lining the sidewalks all over town.

The lemonade stands were a project done by 4th graders in conjunction with Montclair State University about how to start a business. While the basic concept of a lemonade stand was universal, groups of students had the freedom to create the name of their business, pricing, special offerings, and what to do with the profits.

Hollywood Lemonade, located on South Fullerton had a unique stand that knew the importance of location, location, location. Run by Ilyssa, Ella, Lucy and Rose, the stand was positioned directly across from St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

Seizing on a public relations opportunity, the girls wrote a colorful letter that was read during the Sunday service announcing their business. As an added feature, the girls decided to give a full 50% of their profits to Toni’s Kitchen, a soup kitchen that provides hot meals to people in need. The young women, who have been friends since Pre-K, made the decision to donate profits on their own, that portion of the business plan was not required by the program. 

Decked out in yellow t-shirts these future business leaders were quick to point out their connection to Toni’s Kitchen. They proceeded to pour lemonade for the crowd leaving church, suggesting cookies (for an additional charge) and mint for the lemonade (free of charge). By the time the crowds wound down the tip jar was filling up, the Toni’s Kitchen jar was spilling over, and the cookies were almost gone.

Kids these days! We grown-ups better watch out – they’ve really got it going on!