VIDEO: The Death Seat Burger at the Old Canal Inn in Nutley

by Melody Kettle in

Mark Conca, Co-owner of Old Canal InnThe urban legend is true!  The Death Seat Burger does exist! And it takes lives - young, beautiful, food-blogging lives!

What are you talking about, Mrs. Kettle?  Well, back in April, John Lee visited Mark Conca co-owner and managing partner at the Old Canal Inn (OCI), and learned all about legend and lure of the Death Seat Burger.

I was intrigued by the story and had to see how this behemoth of burger is actually made. So, last week the Hot From The Kettle crew sojourned to the OCI.

Mark let us into to the kitchen and prepared a Death Seat Burger Platter for us.  So what exactly is a Death Seat Burger? Why is it so deadly? Watch the video to find out.

Due to a rampant case of Poison Ivy, Elizabeth Palmer Starnes (poor girl), had to stand in for me on this video.  And well, wait until you see what happened!  Click play!

How To Make A Death Seat Burger at Old Canal Inn, Nutley, NJ from Melody Kettle on Vimeo.


Putting the Death Seat Burger aside, the Old Canal Inn has a great selection of craft beers, and will soon be launching the Old Canal Inn Craft Beer Social Club. Members of the social club will receive a card, and each time a beer is purchased it's marked on the card.  Once a member completes a certain number of beers, they are given a credit to the restaurant for a meal. Sounds good to me!

I only drink big beers. During our visit, I gave the Gonzo Imperial Porter a try, and let me tell you - it is large! Love it: highly recommended.  John Lee opted for the Redbridge Gluten-free beer (why, John?) made from Sorghum.  He claimed it tasted "like real beer." Elizabeth had the Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale, and thought it was perfect for the season.

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Old Canal Inn

2 E. Passaic Avenue

Nutley, NJ 07110