Traditional Easter Pie Recipes: Ricotta Pie, Wheat Pie

Cross section of a Meat Pie from the Pie Store in MontclairThere's little reason to reinvent the wheel - or to reinvent the Italian Easter Pie(s), after all, the recipe has remained the same for generations.

Since we've worked our tails off (no pun intended) at HFTK this week, I will sign off for the holiday with two traditional Italian Easter Pie recipes.  Last year, I posted my grandmother's recipes for Ricotta Pie and Wheat Pie, here again, I offer the recipes to you!

Click Here for the Ricotta Pie Recipe!

Click Here for the Wheat Pie Recipe!

If you've got a great "pizzagaina" (Italian Meat Pie) recipe, please send it over and I'll post.

Enjoy and have a Happy Easter!