Restaurant Stakeout Visits Taqueria Autentica in Bloomfield

by Melody Kettle

Carnitas at Taqueria AutenticaThe Food Network series, Restaurant Stakeout, recently visited Taqueria Autentica, located at 1035 Broad St., in Bloomfield.

Taqueria Authentica, the much loved, perenial food truck at the Montclair Farmer's Market, opened their first brick and mortar storefront in late August 2011. Since that time, I've eaten many a delicious carnita from the food truck.  I've also dined in the restaurant, where no matter how unique the interior or unusual the service, the food was consistently fresh and delicious.

According to the Restaurant Stakeout website, "Willie helps first-time owner, Michael, fix his struggling Mexican restaurant, Taqueria Autentica, in Bloomfield, N.J. Opening just one year ago, Michael's restaurant has wrestled with novice mistakes, botched food orders and a young staff behaving inappropriately. Now, a wave of negative customer reviews is seriously threatening the restaurant's bottom line. If things don't change fast, the restaurant may have to close its doors for good."

Owner, Michael NatielloThe next airing of Taqueria's Autentica's Restaurant Stakeout episode titled, "Little Place, Lotsa Drama," is this Saturday, December 8 3:00 PM ET/PT

Owner, Michael Natiello says "we had a ton of fun doing it and we hope we came across as a place with great food, some  flaws, and people who for the most part are really trying."