Holiday Cocktail Recipes From Pig & Prince, Part I

by Melody Kettle

The hottest bar in Montclair, Pig & Prince, shared some of their new holiday cocktail recipes with us.  Enjoy them at the gastrolounge or mix them up at home!


3 oz. 9 Spiced Rum

2 oz. orange vodka

1 oz. cinnamon syrup

1 oz. cream

Shake vigorously with ice

Line the bottom of 2 martini glasses with 1/2oz chocolate syrup

Strain into glasses

Top with shaved nutmeg

Garnish with an orange twist

Served chilled in a martini glass


Deck the Halls

3 oz. rosemary infused vodka (add rosemary and let sit for 2 days to add flavor to the vodka)

1 oz. blood orange juice

Combine rosemary vodka and blood orange juice

Add ice

Top with Sprite

Thank you to Chef Michael Carrino of Pig & Prince for sharing these cocktail recipes with us.  Stay tuned to Part 2 of Holiday Cocktail Recipes From Pig & Prince.