A Tip Can Change A Family At Hunger Construction Food Truck

by Melody Kettle

In November we were all saddened by the loss of Shegan Rubin of Hunger Construction. Whether a first time customer or a regular, Shegan had a way of making everyone feel like the most welcomed person in the world, if only for a few moments while ordering a spud.

As details emerge of the events of that sad day, we learned that some hot shot cop engaged in a high speed chase through residential areas. The suspect lost control of his car, struck other cars, which in turn struck Shegan who was simply walking on the sidewalk.

Our grief was further met with frustration as we learned that as he made his transition, Shegan left behind two children, ages 10 and 3, who now only have their mother to care for them. The Montclair food community cried, and mourned, and offered condolences.

Now we have a chance to offer Hope.

Now through Christmas, all tips left on the Hunger Construction truck will be given to Shegan Rubin's family. To find the Hunger Construction food truck, simply follow them on twitter at @hungerconstruct

Of course if you're in a generous mood, but not in the mood for one of the best stuffed baked potatoes in the country, feel free to drop off a 'tip' for Shegan's family.