Hot From The Kettle at Kings Cooking Studio: The Mother Sauces & Derivatives at Kings Cooking Studio 12 November

Le Salbuen Uses All-Clad Cookware

Team Hot From The Kettle has partnered with Kings Cooking Studio to present the Best of the Basics: The Mother Sauces & Derivatives on November 12, 2012.

Sauces are the foundation of French cooking. By mastering what’s known as the Mother Sauces, you can make nearly any French sauce under the sun with a few simple additions, and whisk up the perfect accompaniment for every dish, season and holiday.
Never worry about a sauce breaking again! We’ll show you foolproof ways to fix any sauce and a few short cuts (using a blender!) as well. Brush up on the basics with this essential class and prepare to impress your friends with your stand out sauces.
Presented by Elizabeth Palmer Starnes, French Culinary Institute Graduate and Hot From The Kettle Contributor.

Recipes and techniques include: Bechamel Sauce; Mornay Sauce; Classical Demi-Glace; Bordelaise Sauce; Hollandaise Sauce; Bearnaise Sauce; Remoulade

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