Is Post-Ramsay Leone's Still For Kids?

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Our house has been pretty full for the past week.  In addition to Mr. Hot, myself, and our two children, ages 6 and 4, my husband's son from a previous marriage, and his two children, ages 3 and 2 have been staying with us. If you are attempting to figure out the genealogical chart, yes, I am "Grandma Melody!" (And I like it!)

So on Sunday we decided to all go out for lunch.  There were two requirements, the restaurant must be a BYO, and, of course, it must be kid-friendly.   I perused the HFTK Heat Index, and decided that  Leone's would be a safe bet.  We loaded up into two cars and headed out.  As we drove down South Park Street, the plans abruptly changed when Mr. Hot, (already PO'ed to not find parking) noticed white table cloths on the tables through the Leone's window.

"No! This is not for kids."

"It's just a tablecloth." I said

"No, Ramsay changed it! It's not for kids! I'm making the decision: we're going to Nauna's!"

And so we did.  But I was left wondering: Is Leone's still for children? I suppose I could go in for lunch one day soon, and perhaps I will, but I thought I'd ask first. Has Leone's changed since Gordon Ramsay's visit? If so, how?

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