by Melody Kettle

Summit Avenue, MontclairThe morning after Hurricane Irene, there wasn't much damage to complain of on the Kettle homefront - a few small limbs down, and a little water in the basement.  So, after I retrieved my car from the secret, off-site parking location, I decide to take a ride around Montclair to assess the damage.

Unfotunately, many locations in Montclair did not fare as well.  Burnside Street at Watchung Avenue is flooded, and Anderson Park has been transformed into a small pond.  Many large limbs are down, and several huge trees were uprooted and are blocking Grove Street south of Watchung Avenue, and Summit Avenue east of Park Street. But, signs of life are out and about; Nelson Tree Service trucks are cruising the area, and people are venturing out to the sidewalks to clear fallen limbs, and walk their dogs.


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