Charlie Whisker "Anamnesis" at Halcyon

Last night Halcyon Seafood Brassiere hosted an art exhibition featuring the work of Dublin artist, Charlie Whisker.  

The work of the much renowned Whisker,is displayed in collections of the Irish Arts Council, Allied Irish Banks, and the Thulster Museum.  His work is also owned by members of U2, Steven Soderburg, John Boorman, Paul McGuninness, and Lord Henry Mountcharles.

Whisker  taught painting at the National College of Art and Design and worked as a video director in Los Angeles.  His work has won international awards, and he was nominated for a Grammy for his video work with Bob Dylan. 

Whisker's art that is currently on display at Halcyon is from the Anamnesis collection.  Last night, nine pieces of the twenty-six-piece collection were sold.  The remaining art will be on display, and for sale for the next for three weeks at Halcyon.

Watch the video for a chat with Whisker!

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