Blind Tasting At Gary's Wine & Marketplace #4

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A sage sommelier once said, “There’s no better way to learn about wine than to taste wine.”  I took that advice to heart and committed myself to enophile enlightenment. 

In addition to keeping a wine journal, I have found that one of the most effective methods to learn about wine is to taste with the experts.  So, for educational imbibing I turn to one of my wine mentors, Gary Fish, owner of Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, with locations in Madison, Wayne and Bernardsville.

For this blind tasting, Gary Fisch teamed up with Italian and California wine buyer, Brian Maxwell, to square off against two mysteriously bagged bottles.  Bag A held 2010 El Porvenie de los Andes Laborum Torrentes, $14.99 on sale, and Bag B concealed 2008 Santa Ema Reserve Carmenere, a wonderfully made wine priced at just $8.99, on sale!

Want to see if the experts guessed correctly? WATCH THE VIDEO!

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