Top Eight List: Versatile Vegetables

I do love pork, beef, and all things encased, but vegetables are a truly versatile and delicious gift! But not all veggies are created equally. 

The greatest vegetables demonstrate adaptability, malleability and flexibility. Some can be sutffed, rolled, grilled, layered, fried, stewed, roasted, pureed, made into salsa, made into cakes, etc, etc.

On that note, here's Hot From The Kettle's Top Eight Most Versatile Vegetables List!

1. Onions

2. Tomatoes (For purposes of this list, it's a vegetable)

3. Eggplant

4. The Squash Family (For purposes of this list, they are vegetables)

5. Cauliflower

6. Corn

7. Carrots

8. Peas

Shout out your favorite versatile veggie in comments!

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