Weigh In! Wieners & Wine!

About a year ago, I shot a tasteless - but somehow strangely flavorful - video known as "Weenie Fest." The anniversary of that infamous video got me thinking about Hot Dogs.

New Jersey has lots of famous hot dog stands.  Locally, of course, there's Rutt's Hut and Jimmy Buff's. Then there's the Hot Grill in Clifton, and Hank's Franks in Bergen County. In south Jersey,  there's Maui's Dog House in Wildwood, and Bourdain's favorite, Hiram's.

So you tell me, who's got the best wiener? And why?

When you do locate that great tubular meat product, you should drink something appropriate.  So we got some advice, here's what Sue Guerra, wine expert at Gary's Wine and Marketplace suggests:

 So here are 2 thoughts: I was thinking you could go with a white that has enough acidity to be palate cleansing because you are dealing with fried, greasy food. It would also have to be fairly flavorful. My thought was Localinda Torrontes from Argentina. But that’s only if there is no chili on the dog. I don’t think a white would hold up to chili very well.

 Maggie Fox, also from Gary's says:

There’s actually an Australian Shiraz from Hope Estate that I just brought in called “The Ripper.”  The Shiraz goes through a long cold maceration as it has to travel from one coast of Australia to the other before it’s fermented and aged, so it’s a really heady, ripe-fruited Shiraz.  With deep fried hot dog topped with chili sauce…why not, right?!
If you never saw "Weeine Fest," or want to see it again, click here. :)