Chatting With Chefs: Humberto Campos

by Melody Kettle

The first time walked into Lorena's in Maplewood, I felt as if I were walking into someone's home; kindness at the door, and great aromas from the kitchen. 

Lorena's is owned and operated by Chef Humberto Campos and his wife, namesake for the French eatery, Lorena.  

Chef Humberto's cooking is as initimate as the space he serves it in. And though intimate,  the fare is unwaveringly upscale and masterfully executed.

There's a bit of a coincidence to this story as well.  Lorena's is located in the former location of Jocelyn's, another acclaimed NJ restaurant that was owned by Chef Mitchell Altholz, who also named it after his wife, Jocelyn.

But on with the story! I recently spoke with Chef Campos about his his journey to celebrity chef status.

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