Feeling Al Fresco

Cabin fever was bringing me to the brink!  Thanks to mother nature, it's time to start thinking al fresco.  

Yesterday, the first warm day of the year, I was inspired to grill something - anything! 

I had nothing at the ready except a package of hot dogs.  But I did have white bread, so that made the cut.  Grilled hot dogs on white bread - and guess what, I didn't care a bit because we ate them outside.

Today, I was determined to grill better.  In the morning I made some pizza dough and set it to rise. 

I went outside and did a little pruning, raking, and soccer ball kicking. By 11:30 am, me and the rest of the Kettle crew were hungry, and thanks be to Fleishman's, my dough had risen. 

By 12:30 I found myself sipping some wine and enjoying a pizza grilled on my spanking new pizza stone - courtesy of Lou Palma of course! 

What a beautiful day! My flank steaks are marinating for tomorrow.  I hope it doesn't rain.