Drumm and Duck Fat Ciabatta - Bobolink Dairy!

by Melody Kettle in ,

Frolic, Baudolino, Cave Aged Cheddar, Drumm (left to right)During last month's thaw, I took a trip with Chef Michael Carrino out to Milford, New Jersey to visit artesanal cheese mecca - Boblink Dairy. 

I first sampled the unique cheeses, such as Drumm, Jean-Louis, and Baudolino, at the Summit Food and Wine Festival last September, where I also met proprietor, Jonathan White.  

On our visit, Nina, Jonathan's wife, taught me about the lifecycle of Bobolink Cheese. From the grazing fields, to the milking gallery, to the vats, and finally to the tasting in the bakehouse.

Watch the video below for see Bobolink for yourself:


If you're not up for taking the trip to Milford, you coould order cheese from Bobolink on-line. 

I left the Bakehouse with a Duck Fat Ciabatta and some phenomenal "crazy" Drumm.  Once we arrived home, it was gone in an hour!  For me it's all about the Drumm and Duck Fat Ciabiatta.

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