Lou Gives A Lesson

by Melody Kettle

Love it or hate it, the blogosphere is a powerful universe! Rapid communication, interaction, pics, tweets, and vids, swirling at our finger tips, and bringing people together for business, for love, or most importantly - for food.

This morning, a nice young Irish Italian man, Pasquale Pisani was given a ravioli demo by our favorite local master of pork and pasta, Lou Palma. 

Pasquale is a foodie and finacial advisor from Hoboken who shares a few mutual friends with Lou, Ruth Kunstadter and Donato DiGeronimo. After hearing about Lou's prowess in the kitchen and viewing a few of his video performances, Pasquale declared, "This guy is  awesome!  Nobody does this anymore!"

So Pasquale reached out via Facebook, and soon enough Lou agreed to give Pasquale a ravioli lesson. 

Lou's given many lessons before to many people.  How does he feel about teaching old Italian techniques to younger generations? "I like it, it's nice.  I've taught my children, I've taught my children's friends, and think I've taught you too!"

So Lou began teaching, making sure Pasquale adhered to the Palma method.  At one point Pasquale began cutting the ravioli improperly by rolling the pastry wheel across the width of the dough before cutting the perimeter and the length of the dough. Lou stopped him, "You have to cut it lengthwise first, it's not critical, but that's how it's done!"

Following the ravioli lesson we took a walk out side to check on the Prosciutto hanging in the garage. Click here to take a look for yourself.  For more pics of Lou and Pasquale, click here.