46 Meat & Fish

by Melody Kettle

I had a bloggable shopping experience in Totowa, NJ. 

I've been shopping at the Rt. 46 Farmer's Market for years.  A few months ago a Halal meat and fish market, 46 Meat & Fish, opened up next door to the market. 

After a weekend of eating of unhealthy, football related fare, I was in the mood for a nice meal of light fish! Instead of waiting until Thursday to go to the Popular Fish Market in Newark, I decided to go to 46 Meat & Fish.

I purchased two whole Bronzini ($6.99 lb), which were undeniable clean and fresh.  Then I spotted the meat case, and after quickly perusing the short-ribs, and oxtail, and leg of lamb, I purchased wonderfully marbled t-bone steaks ($6.99 lb.) (so much for light fare).

I was heading toward the register when I spotted 3 liter glass vessels of Al Kourah Lebanese olive oil ($18.99) on the bottom shelf of the condiment section.  I checked it out further; the viscosity was incredible, cold-pressed and unfiltered, I couldn't resist.  So I put one at the register.  Then I went back to shopping.

I spotted a bright red condiment that looked like Harissa.  I enjoy spicy food, and harissa has long been a favorite of mine, but I've had difficulty finding Harissa since Williams-Sonoma no longer carries Mustafa.  So I picked up a jar.  Then, I found some hazelnut spread (think Nutella without the cocoa), and took that too. 

At this point, the owner came over and brought me a basket.  Good thinking, indeed!  I grabbed more jars of olives, and on the recommendation of the owner, a can of Moroccan sardines that he said are "the best in a can. For sure!" How I could I argue with him?

Next to the giant jars of tahini I noticed a container with a thick creamy substance, flecked with pistachios.  I love pistachios too, so I picked it up.  "That's Halawa," the owner said, "but take this one, it has more pistachios in it. See." He showed me the cross-section of the Halawa through the container.  Indeed, it did have twice the pistachios, and happened to be twice the price.  But again, he was right, so took it.

Finally, I grabbed a few Turkish breads and was finished. Exhilirating.  So if you ever find yourself randomly shopping on route 46 and happen to be craving fish, stop in a t 46 Meat & Fish.

46 Meat & Fish

430 US 46 East

Totowa, NJ 07512