Old World Table Supper Club

Lisa LaValle-Finan

UPDATE:  Old World Table Supper Club does not provide alchoholic beverages.

We all know that Montclair is a formidable restaurant town, home to approximately 90 restaurants and eateries. But did you know that Montclair is also home to an Old-World Table Supper Club?

Lisa LaValle-Finan, the founder and owner of the Old World Supper Club, located at 203 Lorraine Avenue, Upper Montclair, is a self-described “domesticated international thinker.”  Who believes in the” green and affordable,” old-world way of living. 

Lisa, a cross-cultural trainer, who speaks multiple languages, including, French, Italian, Greek, and Spanish, has lived in Montclair with her husband Michael Finan, and their two children, since 1990. Lisa has taken her interest in public anthropology, and created an intimate dining experience that is more about “connecting than about consuming.”  Lisa views food as “a conduit to culture” and is a fan of street food and “joints.” 

Old World Table Supper Club was born from a belief that many restaurants have “commoditized the communal experience.” Her dining room, which seats up to twelve, is decorated with coral drapes against pale green walls. The living room

features the fine art from Elsie Julia Miller, a founding member of the Montclair Artist Colony, and Italian paper mache Julietta from the 1930’s.

At Old World Table Supper Club, Lisa has offers a pre-fixe menu featuring “elegant peasant Mediterranean, food that is influenced by French, Italian & Greek cooking.”   Lisa prepares seasonal soups, and entrees like Roti de Poulet, or Sole Meuniere, with Sicilian style grilled vegetables, rustic potatoes, and homemade bread. Granita and espresso are also served, and wine is included.

Cost is $50 per person (inclusive).  Reservations and payments can be made at OpenTable.  The Old World Table Supper Club is open Friday - Sunday 7:00pm-10pm. PayPal and all major credit cards accepted.