On The Edge of Cuisine: The Prequel

by Melody Kettle

NE Clam Chowder; Photo credit: John LeeSince September, foodies in NJ, and even those across the river, in NYC, have been buzzing about the opening of Montclair's new molecular gastronomy restaurant, Adara

This Wednesday, October 12, Tre Ghosahl, chef and owner of Adara, will be opening the doors at 77 Walnut Street, Montclair.  Assisting in the Adara kitchen will be chef de cuisine, Daniel Pashin, and Philip Dowling will serve in the front of the house as general manager.

Why so much buzz about Adara? Let it suffice to say that for New Jersey,  the cuisine at Adara is more than a little different - even by Montclair standards. 

Photo credit: John Lee



The fare could best be described as edge cuisine; succinctly meaninging traditional dishes, with traditional ingredients, presented in a non-traditional composition. 

For example, the New England Clam Chowder (pictured above) echoes the traditional flavors of a chowder, it's even in a cup with a spoon, yet I've never experienced a clam chowder that looks quite like Chef Tre's.

Photo credit: John Lee


The topic of edge cuisine (or post-modern cuisine, molecular gastronomy, or new-American) is hotly debated.  It has caused many a food fight - no pun intended. But my grandmother always said it's better not to judge someone until you've met them, so on that note, don't judge a food until you've eaten it - and don't judge a restaurant until you've eaten there. Photo credit: John Lee


For reservations, call 973-783-0462.

Clich here for more photos and John Lee's Flickr show of the champagne reception on October 10, 2011.





Restauarant Adara

77 Walnut Street

Montclair, NJ 07042