Hot From The Kettle ™: Weenie Fest 2010


Last night, Montclair residents, Tom and Janet Kaz hosted the Third Annual Midland Avenue Weenie Fest, a hybrid public/private party, drawing approximately  70 Montclair residents.  For the past two years, Weenie Fest has been dominated by a girthy weenie out of Rochester, known as the Zweigle. 

But by the end of Weenie Fest 2010, no one knew (or could remember) which weenie was most satisfying.  The buzz was that a weenie from Zanek's Meat Processing of Passaic, NJ, was winning over many Zweigle loyalists. However, Weenie Master, Tom Kaz maintains that the classic will always be "The Heritage Dog," one half Polish Kielbasa and one half Italian sausage, all on one bun. 

Have you got a favorite weenie? Is it long and skinny? Or short and girthy?   

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