Hot From The Kettle™: Corrado's Family Affair

I recently spent a morning walking through Corrado’s in Clifton, with manager, Domenic Scalia. Specialty ethnic items abound at Corrados.

We began, of course, in the cheese department. Corrado’s makes it’s own fresh ricotta ($3.99 lbs), which works brilliantly for homemade ravioli. They also carry the pear shaped imported cheese, Caciocavallo, and mozzarella’s drier doppelganger, Scamorza. Beside the cheese is an ample heap of cured meats, including Italian and Hungarian salami.

Corrado’s fish department boasts an abundance of fresh seafood, from Scungilli (Conch) to Snapper; and there’s the baccala and stockfish.

Then, there’s the meat, featuring store made sausage, including Brooklyn Sausage made with the leanest cuts of beef, and the Manhattan Sausage with Jalapeno for those looking for a spicy tubular meat product. Halal? They’ve got that too. In addition to pork belly, tripe, trotters (pigs feet), pig ears and tails. Corrado's also carries a but of standard fare, filet of beef was on special, priced at $3.99 (but never exceeding $5.99).

Next to the meat aisle is the bread aisle. Corrado’s receives delivery from local bakeries, such as Orlando’s in Garfield, Brooklyn's Reliable Bakery, and Calandra’s  multiple times a day, insuring fresh bread at any hour.

The produce department is full of nearly every fruit and vegetable imaginable, including persimmons, cactus pears, breadfruit, cardoons, and uncured green olives to name but a few.

And wine? Yes. Corrados has a full liquor department with wines from California, Chile, France, as well as Macedonia, and Croatia. They also carry beer from Czechoslovakia. Then of course there’s pastry, supplied by local bakeries as well.

Want to see for yourself? Watch the video: